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CCTV in Coventry – Lucas Fire & Security Ltd

Although many people tend to associate CCTV with shopping centres or other public places, in reality it can act as a powerful deterrent to burglars, vandals or other nuisances when used on business or residential properties. Not only can an overtly located camera provide valuable information which could assist in building a prosecution case if criminal activity occurs, its visibility often dissuades people from damaging your property as there is a clear risk of being literally "caught on camera". CCTV can enhance the safety of a car parked on your drive as well as protect your garden ornaments or other external fittings and fixtures.

Coverage Includes Rugby

We are locally based in Coventry, but travel to Rugby and the surrounding areas, providing an experienced and knowledgeable service to both businesses and residential customers. Our CCTV systems are insurer approved, meaning you can often end up with a reduced premium once the camera is installed and operational. We tailor our recommendations to suit each customer, ensuring you have a system in place which fulfils its function whilst still providing you with an appropriate level of privacy and minimising disruption to your normal daily activities.

We have fitted everything from single cameras which have a limited range and focus through to multi-point systems that can be motion activated or cover several different areas. We setup cameras for car lots, car forecourts, car parks and much more. As well as all this, we can also setup a system called ANPR to automatically recognise a car's number plate. Whatever you need, we can give you an CCTV installation to be proud of. Our company is approved by the NSI and all our work is undertaken in a friendly and professional manner. From initial advice and recommendations through to follow up if required, we provide a comprehensive, professional service.

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